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A girl running from the past. A rock star with no future. Can marriage save them both?

When Lucy Meyer finds a hole-in-the wall record store in the middle of Brooklyn, she expects to have a quiet afternoon surrounded by the rock history culture she loves. Instead, she meets Jack Hunter, a has-been rock star who is now known more for his insane antics and bad reputation than his music.

As Jack's record label puts pressure on him, his PR team tells him to find a wife to change the public's perception of him from "insane drunken buffoon" to "romantic musician with a heart of gold." When he runs into Lucy a few days later, the idea of a marriage of convenience suddenly becomes very appealing - if he can talk her into it.

Featuring one badly-behaved rock star, one neurodivergent expert on rock history, and seven sassy siblings, Broken Records tells Jack and Lucy's story as they realize that their staged relationship may be what helps them learn how to trust, live, and love again.

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Months after the accident that changed his life forever, Nico Meyer just wants things to go back to the way they were. A solo trip across historical Route 66 seems to be the soul-searching journey he needs--until a snarky stowaway derails all of his plans.

On par with the rest of his life, Eli Tenney manages to lose everything in a single night. An honest mistake--and some fast talking--gives him the chance to postpone his return to the real world, as long as he doesn't drive the grumpy professor at his side completely crazy.

Featuring a psychedelic van, a snarky Greek god, a plethora of donkeys, and, of course, a hotel with only one bed, Mother Road is the story of two lost souls learning that on life's highway, there's no turning back.

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